Wednesday, January 16, 2019
What To Expect When You Visit

Welcome to First Mennonite Church of Richmond! We are a congregation of over a hundred people who are committed to trusting in God, following Jesus, building peace, and serving one another and the world.

We are a diverse mix of individuals from many locations and outlooks. We are represented by many persons originally coming from other Christian faiths, and also from Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and those from non-religious backgrounds. About half of our congregation is from non-Mennonite backgrounds. We have all age groups attending, including young children, students, adults and senior citizens. We also have a larger than average number of persons from several other countries, and are racially diverse. We have professional people, including doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers and business people. In addition there are people working in hands-on trades and the service industries. We also have a number of retired persons involved in volunteer activities and interesting hobbies such as kayaking, bike riding, mountain climbing and participating in missionary trips.

As a result of our diversity, you may see people coming to our church, and to our worship services, dressed in whatever style of clothing that makes them feel comfortable. For us it is most important for you to come to our church in your preferred worship dress style.

Also due to our different faith backgrounds our services may be different, on different Sundays. Some members plan traditional services and music while other members plan and lead contemporary services and music. Our church allows people to express their differences and take leadership roles - even as new attendees or members.

Our Sunday school classes also allow people to explore their interests and values. Every quarter our attendees may choose a Bible study or a study of contemporary issues such as child raising strengthening marriage and living more fully with less. Children and youth also get different Christian education topics each quarter, and are placed with children or youth in their same age span. These classes are all taught by dedicated and inspired volunteers.

There are various activities going on at First Mennonite Church of Richmond all the time. There are adult and youth retreats, picnics, small group activities, fellowship meals, special programs, community outreach activities and Communion conducted about 6 times a year.

We are hoping your questions are answered, and that you will plan to attend our Sunday school each Sunday at 9:30 a.m., our worship services each Sunday at 11 a.m., or one of our special programs. If you need more information, please call the Pastor’s office or email your questions to

For more information about Mennonites, please see (Who are the Mennonites?)

Contact Us

First Mennonite Church
601 East Parham Road
Richmond, Virginia 23227

Pastor: Ryan Ahlgrim

Office Hours:  Generally, 9-4 M-F


Secretary: Shelby Scattergood

Office Hours: Generally, 9-2 Tu & F