Sunday, December 16, 2018
Library Information
Library - Visit the library laptop. It is set up primarily to access the church book database, but has a full-fledged browser and is connected to the internet. It's not Windows but works pretty much like Windows. Give it a try. Don't forget, you can access the church database from your tablet or computer at home:

Search for books in the FMC Library -

Library Laptop

Book Contributions
If you wish to contribute a book to the library, please put the contribution in the bottom drawer of the cabinet used for checking in books. The library has an accession process that encourages an organized library. Please do not put unprocessed books into the bookshelves.


Multiple Copies
We are trying to avoid multiple copies of books. In some cases, small groups or Sunday School class members give their copies of study books to the library. Only one is needed.
It appears that in the past, multiple copies were bought simply because no one knew that we already had a copy. (Side note, this is a surprisingly rare occurrence and has happened only a half dozen times that we can tell.) There was no way to search the library to find out if another copy existed. Copies would be catalogued by different people in different categories.
Now, with the books listed in a database, that search is made easy, and we have no reason to buy more than one copy. Worship Resources may require more than one copy to use in skits, readings, and music. That would be an exception to the one-copy-only idea.

Kinds of Books
Generally, the FMC library accepts and buys only those books that are not likely to be found in public library systems. Books peculiar to our Mennonite faith and to Christianity are encouraged. Secular books that are readily available in the public library system will be rejected and recycled.  

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