Below is a list of current prayer requests from FMC members, attendees, and friends of FMC. Prayer requests may be placed in the offering bag, in the pastor's mailbox, called into the office, emailed, or may be sent by filling out the form below.


  • Brendan Hayes’s brother, Marty, who has a pancoast tumor on his right lung, has finished his chemo and radiation treatments and will now undergo surgery on the 19th. Pray for a successful surgery and healing.

  • Parks Hamm (Bridget’s son) suffered a severe broken arm on the playground this week; his arm will be in a case for several weeks. Pray for his healing and comfort.

  • Rachel Beckler had hip replacement surgery recently. Pray for her recovery.

  • Curt Holsopple asks for prayers as he seeks a peaceful relationship with two of his neighbors.

  • JT Nix has been having difficulty sleeping through the night and is on a new medication to help. Pray for his ability to sleep.

  • Kevin Smeltzer’s mother died recently. Services were this past week. Pray for comfort for the family.

  • John Ferguson had shoulder surgery recently for a torn rotator cuff and is facing a lengthy rehabilitation. Pray for comfort and healing.

    John Bowman’s brother-in-law, Jim Miller, had surgery recently for advanced prostate cancer. He is facing other medical problems as well. Pray for his well-being.

  • John Bowman’s sister, Helen, who recently had triple bypass surgery, suffered a pulmonary embolism and a stroke affecting her right field of vision. She is now recovering at home. Pray for her healing.

  • Terrie Martin has suffered another vertebral fracture due to osteoporosis. pray for her comfort and healing.

  • Bridget Rohrer, who was suffering severe abdominal pain, has been diagnosed with diverticulitis. Pray for her treatment and healing.

  • Christine Suders’s friend and coworker, Chris, is receiving medication to improve kidney function for his chronic kidney disease in the hope of postponing a kidney transplant. He is only 32 years old. Please pray for peace and healing.

  • A former student of Jean Oswald’s, Jamie, recently had successful surgery for stage 4 thyroid cancer, however, the cancer may have spread. Pray for a successful recovery and healing.

  • Bridget Hamm’s mother, Rose Marie, had her third round of chemotherapy this past week. If all goes well she will have surgery in late October.

  • Corrine Joireman is spending a semester in Copenhagen. Pray for safety and a good educational experience.

  • Jim Lehman is spending five weeks in British Columbia with Mennonite Disaster Service as a cook. Pray for energy and safety, and pray for Julie while he is away.

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FMC Members and attendees - to submit a prayer request please fill out the form below. The request will be sent to the secretary. If you wish to send it to the pastor instead, please email him at The church office will decide which ones are passed along to the congregation.

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