Below is a list of current prayer requests from FMC members, attendees, and friends of FMC. Prayer requests may be placed in the offering bag, in the pastor's mailbox, called into the office, emailed, or may be sent by filling out the form below.


  • Remember Pablo Fast (Kevin Smeltzer’s brother-in-law, a missionary in Brazil) and his family in your prayers as they mourn the death of his brother, Daniel.

  • Marla Wilson’s friend, John, had successful heart surgery and is now home recovering. Pray for his continued healing.

  • Curt Holsopple  is undergoing additional tests in preparation for upcoming knee surgery. No date has been set yet. Pray that he be encouraged and in good spirits despite pain and mobility limitations.

  • Pray for Russ Sawyer’s eldest daughter who has MS and is pregnant with her second child. The pregnancy is high risk, but everything seems to be going well. Also pray that Russ Sawyer’s relationship with his younger daughter can be healed.

  • Beverly Smeltzer’s co-worker, Sherry, had a successful double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Pray for her healing from surgery and cancer.

  • Milton Hicks recently suffered a pulmonary embolism in his right lung. The blood clot has caused some heart and lung damage. He is at home now. Pray for his healing and comfort for his family.

  • Pray for Susan Harley’s brother, Mike, who has been suffering with cold-like symptoms for months and has had worrisome lab results, but has received no diagnosis. He has just been put on a stronger antibiotic. Pray for his health and strength, and that the doctors will be able to make a diagnosis for appropriate treatment.

  • Susan Harley’s friend, Cara, has undergone surgery for breast cancer and is now receiving chemotherapy. Pray for her comfort, strength, and healing.

  • Pray for Hattie Eshleman (Bob and Rosalie’s granddaughter) and her mission team.

Submit a prayer request

To submit a prayer request please fill out the form below. The request will be sent to the secretary. If you wish to send it to the pastor instead, please email him at The church office will decide which ones are passed along to the congregation.

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