Below is a list of current prayer requests from FMC members, attendees, and friends of FMC. Prayer requests may be placed in the offering bag, in the pastor's mailbox, called into the office, emailed, or may be sent by filling out the form below.


  • Pray for the friends and family of those who died in the recent plane crash in Ethiopia.

  • Chris Yoder’s uncle, Paul Sieber, a long-time pastor in Illinois, passed away recently. Pray for gratitude and comfort.

  • Pray for comfort for former FMCer, Joe Longacher, whose brother (not father) and whose wife, Constance Longacher, died recently. May God’s strength and hope remain with Joe.

  • John Ferguson’s mother, Shirley Ferguson, is back at her nursing home after a brief stay in the hospital. Pray for wisdom and guidance for John and his sister as they plan for her medical needs.

  • Curt Holsopple will retire from Virginia State University at the end of this school year. His knee replacement surgery is now scheduled for April, but the surgeon now wants him to reduce his weight further to 280 pounds. Pray for his strength, and guidance as he finishes his teaching and supervisory tasks.

  • Chia Wei Wang’s father has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Pray for peace and comfort, for wisdom and skill among those taking care of him, and for extending his life.

  • Matt Joireman has had difficulty finding a job. Pray for his job search.

  • Daniel Foxvog’s family have recently been in conflict over the best care for Daniel’s grandmother. Pray for mutual understanding, resolving anger, and a resolution that is healing for everyone.

  • Terrie Martin has had to miss a lot of work recently because of damage to her ankle. A recent x-ray revealed she has a broken foot. Pray for her healing and ability to work.


  • Congratulations to Nina and Branden Long (recent attendees) on the birth of Elliott Oliver on February 24th!

  • Congratulations to the Lamb family who welcomed their daughter, Colette, on March 7 at 5:19! She weighed 6lbs 6oz and was 18.5 inches long.

  • Congratulations to Ali Lehman and Chris Roth on their recent engagement!

  • Bob and Rosalie Eshleman’s granddaughter, Hattie, has recovered from her pneumonia. Keep her in prayer as she continues her 11-month mission-tour in Africa.

Submit a prayer request

To submit a prayer request please fill out the form below. The request will be sent to the secretary. If you wish to send it to the pastor instead, please email him at The church office will decide which ones are passed along to the congregation.

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